RONA KOBEL | Beasts within clocks

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Confusions, turmoil, inner strife x dream, reality, fiction


The nucleus / starting point of Rona Kobel’s solo show at Studio Picknick for Berlin Art Week 2017 is her photographic work “Musical Night“ (2016), here brought to life and manifested in a bespoke spatial installation devised especially for the space and purpose. Distributed across the room – on the floor, on the wall – Kobel’s new porcelain sculptures, high-gloss white arms handcrafted from genuine KPM porcelain (Königlichen Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin/Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin), join the display. Rona Kobel (*1982 in Freiburg, Germany) was a master-class student at Berlin’s University of the Arts under Professor Leiko Ikemura in 2014. She lives and works in Berlin.


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